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Our clients appreciate the integrity, craftsmanship, and customer service that we offer. The Wolff experience is one you won’t have encountered before, with wraparound care that takes in every detail of your project and unites it as part of the bigger picture. We take your project to heart and dedicate ourselves to making it a success. Not only will you appreciate the results of our work, but you’ll enjoy the process!

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Hear it straight from our happy clients.

"I have an interest in historic properties, and I have renovated several properties in the US. I like to get involved with the details of a project. I had Elchonon renovate my apartment in Israel. Despite the distance, different time zone, and different Israeli construction practices, I had an easier time working with Elchonon on this project than other ones in the US. Elchonon is totally different from every other contractor that I have worked with so far in Israel. When we first met, he took time to fully understand what I wanted and came up with several creative solutions. He provided a clearly written quote in English with a warranty within several days of our meeting. He was completely transparent with the various options and gave the pros and cons of each. He did not pressure me to choose the most expensive ones. His quote was thorough. There were no hidden charges or surprises. With any construction project, there will be questions that come up that could not have been anticipated. He did not pressure me to make rapid decisions. He completed the project within the promised time frame and has come back to complete the minor details that always remain at the end of a renovation in a timely manner. Most importantly, communication was readily available at all stages. His work is meticulous. Elchonon takes great pride in both his work and the manner in which he deals with his clients. I cannot image renovating an apartment with anyone other than Elchonon."
Drs. Samuel and Sandra Siga
"Elchonon is the most sought after contractor in Jerusalem for a reason. He approaches every job with a singular focus on the long-term. I’ve never met a customer of his that wasn’t 100% sure him they were going to use them for their next project. I used Elchonon to build my two restaurants, Hatch and Shmaltz, from scratch. These were complex projects, working with one of the top designers in the country, with tremendous amounts of custom work in challenging locations. His knowledge, professionalism, and transparency impressed every person involved in the project. He was able to navigate challenging neighbors, last minute surprises, and late decision making (by me) with grace and professionalism. I warmly recommend that you do yourself the kindness of hiring Elchonon."
Ephraim Greenblatt from Hatch Restaurant
Ephraim Greenblatt
Founder of Hatch & Shmaltz
״From the very beginning, Elchonon and his team were professional, honest and straightforward. He is dedicated to each of his projects and completes them in a thorough and timely manner.I was very impressed with his workmanship and customer service. Coming from a family of builders, I can attest that Elchonon’s final product is far superior to anything I have come across in Israel. It was truly a pleasure to work with him, and I look forward to our next collaboration.״
CEO of Selfies
אלחנן עשה לנו עבודת פנים. תוצאה סופית - מאוד מרוצים. בתהליך - הקשיב לרצונות שלנו, נתן עצות טובות גם בשלב התכנון. הרבה סבלנות. בביצוע - מאוד יעיל, בעלי מלאכה איכותיים, נכונות לשינויים תוך כדי עבודה לתועלת וגימור נכון. הגיש את המבנה לפני הזמן שהתחייב. ממליץ מאוד.
יאיר שטרית
שיפוץ דירה
"In the summer of 2014 Elchonon Wolf was recommended to me to remodel a bathroom in my home. Although he was relatively new at the business, he gave me references, and I hired him for the job. I was very pleased and satisfied with the guidance he gave me when choosing tiles and fixtures and with the organized manner in which the work was done. I found Elchonon to be very professional, pleasant and courteous, as well as the other workers he brought in. Elchonon was always very available and easy to reach with any questions or concerns. When shopping around for a recommended contractor, I discovered that the majority of people would not recommend the contractors they had used. However, when I wanted to update my kitchen in 2016, I was again very happy to learn that Elchonon was available and I took him for that job as well. On both occasions, the time schedule was met, and the work was completed as expected. I have certainly recommended Elchonon to others and would continue to do so in the future."
Sharon Weiss
Bathroom remodel
חברת הבניה והשיפוצים שבראשה עומד אלחנן ביצעה את עבודות הבניה, שיפוץ ועיצוב על פי תכניות האדריכלות שאנו יצרנו לחנות Selfy's- חנות יוגרט וסלטים הממוקמת בלב ירושלים ובסמוך לשוק מחנה יהודה. במהלך תקופת הבנייה אלחנן וצוותו ביצעו את העבודה בצורה מדויקת ביותר תוך כדי הבנה עמוקה של הפרויקט וצרכיו, רצון הלקוחות והגשמת החזון התכנוני. אלחנן היה אחראי על ביצוע עבודות ההריסה במקום, בניית מחיצות, צנרת, חשמל, ריצוף, מיזוג, עבודות גבס, מטבח, ובניית פרטים ייחודים בחלל הפרויקט וכל זה תוך כדי הקפדה על דיוק מקסימלי לפי תכניות העבודה ובצורה מקצועית ויסודית. יצוין כי אלחנן עמד באופן קבוע בהתחייבותיו ובלוח הזמנים. כמו כן לכל אורך הפרויקט הייתה מצדו זמינות מלאה, אמון, גישה חיוביות וחיוך מתחילת הפרויקט ועד סיומו. אנו ממליצים בחום רב להעסיק את החברה לעבודות בניה ושיפוץ שונות
טל כהן
CEO Tal Studio, Selfies Project
"We used Elchonon Wolff and his staff to do some major renovation on an apartment that we bought in Jerusalem. He installed a new kitchen and enclosed our mirpeset. He also painted the apartment and installed ceiling fans. Being a new Olah, I needed a lot of help with the process. Elchonon stayed in frequent communication with and walked me through every part of the project - even driving me to pick out lighting for the enclosed mirpeset. When we ran into structural problems with the plans for the mirpeset, he bent over backwards to ensure we could find a solution that we would be satisfied with. His workers were clean and polite and did their best to cause the least disruption possible to the neighbors. Even when we had an issue with one neighbor, Elchonon handled it smoothly and efficiently. I recommend Elchonon and his crew highly and hope to use his services again myself for future work."
Marsha Grant
Jerusalem Apartment Remodel
״We have just completed a renovation of our recently purchased apartment... Our introduction to the complex process of renovation was aided by Elchonon Wolff's very complete list of things he would accomplish within the agreed upon price and items not covered. In addition the start and completion date were honored much to the amazement of children and friends with dissimilar experience. The workers were considerate of requests on the part of our new neighbors as long as the requests were reasonable and did not negatively effect the overall time schedule. The job performed has gleaned praise from Bezek professionals as well as a Pazgas personnel with whom Wolff Renovations does not have any official relationship. Where emendation of the original work was requested, it was accomplished in a timely fashion without much fanfare. The subcontractors that worked with Wolff Renovations were uniformly honest and professional and cleanly in our house and in the public space. Where delays seemed unreasonable Elchonon Wolff and ourselves managed to cajole and pressure the subcontractor to accomplish the task in an ultimately timely fashion. All this was done with a service oriented approach and a sense of good will. In short during the months that we worked together I grew confident in Wolff Renovations' work and that of his subcontractors. It converted a very demanding and potentially anxiety provoking experience into a tolerable one with pleasant interpersonal interactions. One small example of the honesty of the workers, when destroying a "boidem" as required, there was discovered old jewelry from the previous owner, thought to have been lost over the years of her dementia. The items were returned with good feelings all around. In conclusion should one of our daughters choose to buy and redo an apartment, I and my wife would highly recommend the work of Wolff Renovations. I would be happy to share my perspective personally with those interested.״
Dr. David and Marsha Kreiger
Home Renovation